Do you find yourself lowering your boundaries to make someone like you or to fit in?

Maybe this means saying “Yes” too often or to the wrong thing. Or taking on too much and then getting overwhelmed or working unsustainably long hours.

Here is some harsh reality what you are really doing is respecting yourself a little bit less.

You are the biggest asset in your life, and your career or business. You are also the biggest thing that easily gets forgotten – forgotten while you are being there for everyone else, doing things that don’t serve you!

It is a bit like being a rubber band – all of us have the elasticity within us to stretch ourselves and sometimes that is great (when we are growing and developing) BUT when we are stretching our own internal rubber band just to make someone happy or to fit in we have to be careful we don’t snap!

I have facilitated a fantastic team event this week, and every person’s inner rubber band at that table was stretched to the limit. By focusing on their boundaries, sharing openly what it looks like for them when they are respecting themselves and their boundaries, it became very very clear that a few simple tweaks could enable the whole team to achieve desired outcomes with everyone feeling that they are thriving!

Don’t disrespect your own boundaries even if it seems right at the time.

Take the time to look at your desired outcomes each week and what your boundaries are to remain healthy, happy and thriving. Your future self will thank you!

Have a great week!​