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Vista Development for Business

  • Do you want to establish a clearer direction for the future of your organisation?
  • Do you want to improve the management of people?
  • Do you want to find ways to ensure all members of your team perform at optimum levels?
  • Would you like to improve communications within your organisation?
  • Could efforts within your organisation be more focussed on achieving results?
  • Could your staff work better as a team?

We can help by:

Providing expert and professional advice and assistance in a way that allows you to take ownership of the results.



  • Enable you to identify talent and successors and ensure their development path prepares them
  • Develop performance management approaches that will engage people and provide opportunities for optimal performance
  • Enable change to be managed and led effectively

We can offer consultancy solutions to help you engage people around your business and develop improvement programmes.

Management and Leadership Development

  • Enable you to establish what management and leadership you need to achieve your strategic plans
  • Enable you to increase manager self- awareness
  • Build management and leadership capability

We can organise bespoke 360-degree reviews for managers and can link this to your values to pull out the required leadership behaviours. We can work with individual managers or management teams to develop their capability.


  • Help teams identify and maximise their strengths
  • Enable teams to work effectively together
  • Help develop team relationships

We can work with teams through facilitated events that we encourage them to increase their understanding of one another and to work together more effectively.

Learning and Development

  • Help learning and development teams develop their strategy to develop capability in the organisation
  • Help identify and manage talent
  • Provide learning and development solutions

We can work with learning and development teams to support the people strategy. We can also provide bespoke events, workshops, presentations and away days.

Business Coaching

  • Enable you to clarify your plans for the future
  • Enable management teams to identify what is preventing optimum business success and to work through the barriers
  • Enable managers to lead more effectively

Coaching is different from consultancy, it focuses on individuals, not business systems, but coaching will impact on and improve the results of the business through the changes made by the individuals.

We can coach either a Senior Executive who has identified opportunities to improve the business and / or themselves or we can coach teams, in particular; management teams.

We’d be delighted to discuss what difference we could make to help your organisation and your team.

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