How it all began



Hi, I’m Jane!

Dynamic, trendsetting, coffee addict

Hi, my name is Jane Baggott and I coach and develop people to achieve personal goals or to achieve growth and development in management and leadership.

Prior to setting up Vista Development in 2002, I developed my career within the learning and development arena, specialising in organisation development and management. My professional development and qualifications have enabled me to also grow into opportunities where I have supported organisations with the Investors in People Standard, and have extended organisation development into leadership development and leadership coaching.

I am continually inspired by the organisations and people I work with and love to see people changing their lives for the better, and generally becoming more confident, more focused and happier. Essentially I am passionate about helping people unlock their own potential and achieve success either personally or professionally.

I love living and working in Chichester and have two beautiful, driven children who challenge me every day to become a better version of myself and to continually develop as they grow so that I can be the role model they are looking for. My networks are important to me, both professionally and personally, and I regularly seek opportunities to work with others who are equally interested in people.

My advice is, if you are thinking you are ready to grow and develop, either in your personal life or in your career, take the step, get the support and go for it – I’d love to help you! Contact us and we will be in touch.

xoxo Jane

About Vista Development

Vista Development Consultancy provides consultancy services to;


Improve organisational performance through strategic planning, cultural development and performance management


Develop management and leadership capability through bespoke programmes, 360-degree review and coaching


Improving individual achievement through coaching


Improve the team or individual effectiveness through bespoke learning and development solutions

My Values

We are wholly committed to providing professional support, through;


Having a strong commitment to making a difference to people and to organisations


Building relationships that will assist people achieve their aim


Meeting and exceeding people’s expectations


Where are we?

We are based in Chicester, West Sussex and have clients spread across the South East.